Stefano Fontana was born in Turin on May the 1 in 1967. 

Stefano Fontana was born in Turin on May the 1 in 1967.

After achieve the artistical high school diploma, he attended The Albertina School of fine arts guided in peinting from Sergio Saroni and

in etching from Vincenzo Gatti. In 1990 he graduated with maximum output in Painting.

In 1990, thanks to S.S. invitation, he participated at the Exhibition Biennial Festival of Contemporary Painting “XIII Bindelin dOr” in Cajello of Gallarate.

In 1991 he taked part to the collective of Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum in Genova for the “ Italian Young Engraver Award”.

In 1993 he exhibited paintings and etchings at “Arte Club” Gallery in Turin and in this occasion Fernando Eandi curated his catalogue launch.

In the same year he exhibited his etchings in the XXVI edition of “ Porti di Magnin”.

In 1994 he taked part to the “Triennale del Piccolo Formato d’Incisione” at Chamalières in France.

Between 1992 to 1998 he worked as freelance illustrator in differents sectors.

During this period he printed a lot of collections and illustrations thanks to the cooperation with “Box CartaCanta” and “Arcadia”.

In 1995 and 1996 he fulfilled sketchs for memorial slabs with “Spirale Arte” in Milan managed by Marco Rossi.

Always in 1996 he maked the illustrations of “ Destinazione Arte” a book edited by “ Casa Editrice Paravia”.

In 1997 he presented an illustrations project dedicated to Melville masterpiece “ Moby Dick” during “ Fiera del Libro” in Bologna.

In 1998 he started his actual job as textile designer during which he looks after not only the stylistic aspects but also the structural composition of a jacquard fabric.

In 2004 Fontana exhibited canvas and drawings at Ceton Gallery “Impression”. Ettore Ghinassi curated the exhibition and his catalogue.

In 2015, during Expo Exhibition in Milan, he taked part to the contest “Il Cibo negli Ex Libris” and his etching were showned in “Libreria Braidense” Brera, replicas uk

In the same year he showed during the collective “Fragili Bellezze” in Pietrasanta and at the Exhibition “ARTE A TUTTO TONDO” in the Aukso Pjovis gallery in Kaunas Business Center (Lituania).

In 2016 he takes parts to TRIENNALE ESTAMPADURA in France as engraver.